Responsible Tour To The House of Special Children - Hue city

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Duration: 2days-1night

Departure time: Every Mon, Wed


Do you know there is another world besides yours where special people live and try their best every day to enjoy every moment of their lives? Let’s visit Tinh Truc Gia to witness and experience it by yourself.


Tinh Truc Gia (TTG) is the home to about 30 physically and mentally challenged youngsters who are supported and educated to become as autonomous as possible. In TTG, these youngsters have a chance to join various vocational training workshops such as jam, incense, lacquer workshops and biodynamic garden as well as collective activities like learning to sing, to read and write, excercising….on a daily basis. Step on TTG, you do not need to speak much but keep smiling and do as you are a part of TTG. This is the way to share your heart with others and earn love and unforgettable experiences.


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